Are there internship and job opportunities I should know about?

Yes! Internships, student jobs – and volunteering, too! –  are great ways to build your résumé. You gain valuable work experience, develop appropriate skills in your area of interest, build relationships with mentors and others who have the potential to assist you when you begin a serious job-search later on, and explore career paths to see if they truly fit your skills and abilities.

The best place to find a variety of good paying student jobs in any field, both on and off campus, is the UW Student Job Center. Another great campus resource is the Morgridge Center for Public Service for exploring a wide variety of volunteer opportunities and community outreach.

For more resources, visit SuccessWorks and Handshake

You may discover that if you put “Library internship” and the location you wish to find one into Google, you’ll be pleasantly surprised!

In the meantime, here are a few to get you started:

In addition, consider writing and/or working for the Badger Herald or Daily Cardinal. You should also explore the television & radio stations, newspapers, and magazines around Madison.

Much like government work, the business world offers a wide variety of opportunities for liberal arts majors. You can find internships in companies large and small doing anything from marketing for Target to sales of athletic apparel for Nike, or working at major corporations like Pepsi or clothing stores like Free People and Anthropologie. If you’ve worked retail or customer services jobs, you have an idea of what the general public needs or wants; these experiences provide a foundation for a career if you let them. The search for this kind of work can be a little more time-consuming, but there are opportunities in Madison and just about every other major city you can think of.