Graduate Program

A wide range of professional networks provides graduate students with enhanced opportunities for education and career development. In addition to our faculty’s connections to scholars and institutions in their fields of study, the department has formal affiliations with the Society for Classical Studies, the Classical Association of the Middle West and South, the American School of Classical Studies in Athens, the Society of Biblical Literature, and the American Schools of Oriental Research.

The Pillinger Library and Mansoor Reading Room, both located within the Department, provide convenient access to a large number of texts, while the larger Greek and Latin Reading Room in the Memorial Library contains an extensive, non-circulating research collection of texts and commentaries. The Memorial Library itself maintains an excellent research collection of books and periodicals in Classics and Hebrew Bible, with many of its resources available online.

Dissertations in Progress

Elizabeth Currier

“Poverty and Poor People in Israelite Wisdom Literature”
Professor Jeremy Hutton

Mary Clare Dolinar

“Between Gods and Mortals: Divinity, Mortality, and Religious Ritual in Euripides”
Professor Laura McClure

Molly Harris

“Leaving War Behind: War, Return, and Survival in Greek Tragedy”
Professor Jeffrey Beneker

Amy Hendricks

“Approaching Chorality: Literary Depictions of the Chorus in Archaic Greek Poetry”
Professor Laura McClure

Rebecca Moorman

“Engrossing the Reader: functions of disgust in Lucretius, Persius, and Apuleius”
Professor Alex Dressler

Classics Graduate Forum

The Classics Graduate Forum is a registered student organization (RSO) whose charge is to organize graduate conferences, lectures by invited speakers, and other similar events which enhance and deepen the educational experiences of graduate students engaged in the study of the ancient world. The membership of the Classics Graduate Forum is thus open to any graduate student whose educational interests lie in the ancient world.