Latin Placement

Looking for help choosing the appropriate Latin course?

Students with prior experience studying Latin, should contact Vanessa Schmitz-Siebertz ( for placement assistance.

Generally, we base our placement on years of experience at the high school/secondary level and ask about texts used and grammar topics covered. With this information, we will recommend a course that best sets the student up for success. Please note, fall course options include Latin 103 (1st semester), Latin 305 (3rd semester), or Latin 401 (5th semester).

What are retro-credits and how do I earn them?

The College of Letters and Science (L&S) will award degree credit (retro-credit) for prior experience learning a language if the L&S undergraduate student demonstrates proficiency by completing a UW-Madison language course:

  • beyond the first unit,
  • with a grade of B or better,
  • within their first year or first 30 credits.

The full policy on retro-credits can be found here.

Students placed in Latin 203 are eligible to earn 8 retro credits; students placed in Latin 301 are eligible to earn 16 retro credits.