Phoebe Kasdin

Credentials: Attorney - Impact Litigation, Still She Rises

Kasdin headshot

Majors & Certificate: Classics, Classical Humanities, and Legal Studies, Certificate in European Studies
Year of Graduation: 2010

I am a George Kaiser Family Foundation Women’s Justice Fellow at Still She Rises, Tulsa. Still She Rises is the first public defender office in the country dedicated exclusively to the representation of mothers in the criminal justice system. I graduated from UCLA School of Law in May 2018 where I was a student in the David J. Epstein Program in Public Interest Law and Policy. I was first drawn to public service during college. I had the opportunity to intern for both a state senator in Madison and a US senator in Washington, D.C. These experiences were inspiring and motivated my commitment to give back to others.

Featured in the Society for Classical Study, Careers for Classicists: Undergraduate Edition