Jim McKeown

Position title: Professor Emeritus of Classics

Email: mckeown@wisc.edu

McKeown headshot

In addition to teaching courses in Greek and Latin language and literature, Professor McKeown taught lecture courses in Ancient Medicine and in Greek and Roman Civilization. His most recent work, the fourth volume of his commentary on Ovid’s Amores, is set for publication in September 2023 and now available for preorder. He has also published (with Peter Knox) An Anthology of Roman Literature (Oxford 2013), and A Cabinet of Greek Curiosities (Oxford 2013), a companion to A Cabinet of Roman Curiosities (Oxford 2010). He worked (with Joshua Smith) on “The Hippocrates Code,” a medical terminology course, and (with Megan Dickman and Asa Olsen) on a commentary on Plautus’s Rudens, and (with Eric Cox) on a reader to accompany his introductory Latin course, “Classical Latin” (Hackett 2010).