Jeffrey Blakely

Credentials: Pennsylvania, PhD'90

Position title: Adjunct Professor of Biblical Archaeology


Blakely headshot
Research Interests

Archaeology of the Ancient Near East, Biblical Archaeology, History of Archaeology in the Near East

Jeff’s primary research interest is the archaeology of the Hesi region, between Gaza and Hebron, over the past ten millennia. He started working in the Hesi region in 1971. He currently co-directs the Hesi Regional Project in association with Jimmy Hardin of Mississippi State University. He has published many books and articles on the archaeology and history of the Hesi region. Currently he is preparing the final report on the archaeological survey of the Hesi region with Jimmy Hardin and a lengthy multi-author article on the archaeology of the 10th century BCE in the Hesi region. He has also worked at Caesarea Maritima (Israel), Wadi al-Jubah (Yemen), Aqaba (Jordan), and at various sites in the United States, publishing reports with each of the research groups. He teaches various courses in the archaeology of Ancient Israel/Biblical Archaeology as well as directed study courses on archaeology and culture in the Holy Land.