Marina Grochocki

Credentials: Classics


9th floor, Van Hise Hall

Marina Grochocki

Marina received her BA in Latin in 2018 and her MA in Letters in 2019, both from the Federal University of Paraná (Brazil). Her dissertation, “et in Arcadia aliquis: Marginality in Bucolic Poetry,” investigates the portrayal of minoritized individuals (such as women and freed persons) in texts excluded from the literary canon, including poems from the Greek Anthology, Latin Anthology, and the Appendix Vergiliana. With a focus on pleasant spaces (loci amoeni), this research compares the innovative language of these poems to that of canonical poets, such as Theocritus and Vergil, and argues that non-canonical poets were engaging with popular textual genres and forms of expressions, as we find in epigraphy and graffiti. Marina is also interested in Hellenist Greece, ecocriticism, and Classics in Latin America.

Marina has taught different courses at the UW, such as Beginner and Intermediate Latin, Classical Mythology, Western Literature and Art, The Romans, and The Greeks. In 2022, she received the Teaching Mentor Award from the College of Letters & Science for excellence in teaching.