Alice Gaber

Credentials: The Ohio State University, PhD '19

Position title: Teaching Faculty


966 Van Hise Hall

Research Interests

Greek and Latin Poetry, the Chorus, Comparative Poetics, Narrative and Performance Studies, Classical Reception

Alice Gaber’s research interests reflect the inherent interdisciplinarity of the field of “classics”, exploring in particular lyric narrative, performance, and choral voice. She is completing a monograph, adapted from her 2019 dissertation, entitled Medium, Space, Voice: Towards a Choral Poetics that explores the unique narrative and performance situation of choral poetry. Current projects include: a collaborative, interdisciplinary project on the comparative use of the first-person grammatical voice (forthcoming in the Handbook of Diachronic Narratology); an exploration of enigmatic and fragmentary genre of the partheneion; and an in depth study of the chorus as a space, both real and metaphorical, of physical, temporal, and ontological transcendence (recently workshopped is the Mediterranean Seminar and to be presented, in part, at SCS 2023 in New Orleans). In her teaching of ancient Greek and Latin language, myth, literature, and history, Alice encourages students to reach outward to other disciplines and methodologies to address crucial, contemporary questions and to engage critically and sensitively with ancient materials and ideas.