Katie Dennis

Credentials: Princeton University, PhD'23

Position title: Assistant Professor

Email: kedennis2@wisc.edu

914 Van Hise Hall

Research Interests

Latin literature, especially poetry and agronomy; ancient slavery; Roman cultural and social history; Hellenistic poetry; gender and sexuality; history of scholarship

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Katie Dennis’ research focuses on Latin literature and Roman social history through a materialist lens: her work analyzes texts in light of the intersecting power structures underlying the societies that produced them. She is currently completing a monograph based on her 2022 dissertation, Songs of Subjection: Slavery and Vergil’s Eclogues, which reads Vergilian pastoral alongside a variety of forms of evidence to show how it is shaped by—or often mystifies—the institution of Roman agricultural slavery. A forthcoming journal special issue, co-edited with Erika Valdivieso(Yale), considers Vergil’s Georgics along similar lines, with contributions reflecting on whether and how the Georgics and texts that adapt it are shaped by a poetics of slavery.