William Bruce

Credentials: Ph.D. Classics, 2015

Assistant Professor at University of Kansas

Will teaches courses in Greek and Roman Archaeology, Roman History, Greek and Latin language, and most recently on Greek Athletics and the Olympic Games. He regularly enlists students to pursue study abroad experiences. Fluent in Turkish, Will also teaches Turkish language to students who plan to excavate in Turkey.

Will’s research focuses on the status of Sardis in western Asia Minor as a bridge between the Aegean and Near Eastern worlds and Lydia’s transformation from a sovereign kingdom to a Persian satrapy at the terminus of the Royal Road. His book project on Sardis sector Pactolus North addresses these issues as well as the effects of Lydia’s changes in monetary policy from electrum to gold and silver currency, religious life under Persian suzerainty, and the movement of the Lydian people from city center to suburb during the Persian period (ca. 547–323 BCE).