Information on Execution: Special Exams

For every semester in which a student is preparing for an exam, including the semester in which the student intends to take the exam, after consulting with the Director of Graduate Studies (DGS) and the Instructor of Record (IOR) for the language course that is to be assessed, students will email a list of the course readings in the language and the supplementary materials that they plan to read in conjunction with the course materials to the IOR of the course, cc’ing the DGS and Graduate Program Coordinator (GPC), no later than third week of classes. If this reading list is modified in anyway (if, for instance, the student reads a different assortment of secondary literature), then the student must email a revised list of course readings and supplementary materials to the IOR of the course, cc’ing the DGS and GPS, by the last day of classes in the semester.

In addition to this, for every semester in which they are preparing for the Special, including the semester in which they intend to take the Special, the student and the IOR must schedule at least 3 meetings of a minimum of 30 minutes for that semester, in which they will (i) establish a bibliography of supplementary readings, especially scholarship, (ii) discuss scholarship and directions in research that the student may pursue, and (iii) produce a bank of 5-7 questions to be used in the Special for which the student is preparing and email it to the IOR, DGS, and GPC before the last day of classes.

Finally, in the semester before the student intends to take the exam, the IOR and the student, in consultation with the DGS and any other examiners, will discuss the content and expectations for the Special, including topics for essay questions, based on work undertaken in this semester and in the previous semesters, based on a selection of questions from this and the previous semesters’ question banks.

Exam format details, including guidelines for faculty responsible for developing the exam.