Financial & Health Resources for Graduate Students

Dean of Students Office:  supporting students, faculty, and staff.

Employee Assistance Office:  offers counseling and consultation at no cost to UW–Madison faculty, staff, graduate student employees, significant others, and family members.


Crisis services:

-Dean of Students Office offers short term crisis loans.

-Office of Student Financial Aid offers emergency support and compiles lists of basic needs resources.


Crisis lines:

UHS 24/7 Crisis Services:  608-265-5600 (option 9).  Speak with an on-call crisis counselor who can help. – free and confidential support for people in distress. –  Text HOME to 741741 to connect with a volunteer Crisis Counselor.


Food assistance:


Housing and UW Financial assistance:


Mentorship –

Success Services and Coach –


Government Financial support programs:

– The federal Affordable Connectivity Program offers help paying for broadband internet service.

– Help with energy bills from Home Energy plus, and Energy Assistance.

Access is a WI financial assistance program (not to be confused with the Access State health insurance plan).  It offers assistance like these:

             Child Care costs:

FoodShare:   You can use your FoodShare benefits at most stores. You also can use them at many farmers markets, where you can buy fresh fruits and vegetables most months out of the year.

If you fill out the form for Access benefits make sure to give your income as an annual amount not an hourly amount.  For example, the hourly rate for SA jobs (TA/PA/RA/LSA) is around $30/hr which will look like $60,000/year if you put that on the form and will be too high to get benefits.  However, Fall and Spring combined total gross pay for 50% SA jobs is about $23,000 so if you have little or no other income during the year, that should be low enough to qualify for Access benefits.  If you need help with an Access application form or employer verification, just le me know and I can do that.



Drug Poisoning Prevention –  Includes free Narcan and test strip locations:

University Health Services (UHS)All UW–Madison students who are enrolled for credit during a fall, spring, or summer semester and pay segregated fees are eligible to use all UHS services during that academic term.  Free or low cost.   UHS only offers care for minor injuries and illnesses, is open weekdays only, and has no hospital or Emergency Room (ER) association.   UHS may be more convenient or cheaper than your HMO for minor care.  However, UHS should not be used as a substitute for Health Insurance with an HMO.  All students are encouraged to have health insurance with an HMO for full care and a hospital and ER if needed. 

UHS after hours Nurse line for non-emergencies:   608-265-5600 (option 1)


Mental Health and Well Being:

Mental Health –

NAMI Dane County – free online support groups, a support line/email, video seminars, and mental health advice.

Recreation and Well Being –

Equity, Inclusion, and Well-Being:


Health Insurance options and assistance:

SHIP for students – – can enroll ifor spring/summer coverage starting December 15, 2023


BadgerCare –

Covering Wisconsin –

HealthConnect –

If you have State Group health, here is provider’s contact info and Nurse lines:

With State group health, you choose care level depending on your situation (Telehealth, Nurse’s line, doctor’s office, urgent care, Emergency Room).  To help you decide which option is best here are sites: 

-Get Medical Care when you need it fast handout:

-Get Medical Care when you need it fast video:

-Get ready for care worksheet:

If you are traveling you would pay out of network rates for a doctor’s visit, but  in-network rates if you need an Urgent Care clinic or ER and it is deemed necessary.  ETF site says “Your insurance covers you at any ER if you need care for a life-threatening illness, injury, or condition that requires immediate attention.  You should seek care at an in-network Emergency Room whenever possible.”


Emergency Rooms:  Emergency room or Urgent care?

-Meriter (GHC HMO):  202 S. Park st.  phone (608) 417-6206.  About 0.8 mile (1.3 km) south of Science Hall going down Park st.  Just south of Regent St.

SSM St. Mary’s (Dean-SSM HMO):  700 S. Brooks st.  phone  608 251-6100.  Near the zoo.  About 1.1 mile (1.8 km) south of Science Hall going down Park st. 

UW hospital (Quartz-UW Health HMO):    Main location is at the West end of UW campus:  600 Highland Ave.  phone 608 262-2398.  Also has Eastside location (called East Madison hospital) between the Airport and Sun Prairie at 4602 Eastpark blvd,  phone 608-440-6252.   East hospital has an Emergency Room.

UW hospital on Highland ave has level I trauma center, St Mary’s has level II, and Meriter has level IV.