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Jeffrey Beneker

Professor of Classics (North Carolina, Ph.D. 2003)
Ancient Biography and Historiography, Roman Republican History and Civilization, Classical Mythology
904 Van Hise Hall

Jeffrey Beneker's primary research interest is in Greco-Roman biography and historiography. He has written a book on Plutarch's biographical method, The Passionate Statesman: Eros and Politics in Plutarch's Lives (Oxford University Press 2012), and articles on Plutarch, Cornelius Nepos, Suetonius, and Homer. He has recently completed, with Craig Gibson (University of Iowa), an edition of the progymnasmata of Nikephoros Basilakes for the Dumbarton Oaks Medieval Library (Harvard University Press 2016). He is currently writing a biography of Pompey the Great (under contract with Princeton University Press), and with Georgia Tsouvala, (Illinois State University) he is co-editing a book on the discourse of marriage in the Greek and Latin literature of the Roman Empire (under contract with University of Wisconsin Press). In addition to teaching courses in Greek and Latin language and literature, he teaches lecture courses on Classical Mythology, Greco-Roman religion, and Roman Civilization.