Inclusive Excellence Discussion ⎻ L&S Exchange Podcast

This event has passed.

1418 Van Hise Hall
@ 12:30 pm - 1:30 pm

Join us for our first CANES Inclusive Excellence event of 2024!

In preparation, please listen to any one of the (20-30-min.) podcasts developed for the L&S Exchange by the Instructional Design Collaborative. The current series focuses on inclusive education:

Please come ready to introduce others to what you heard and to share what you thought about it (e.g., any useful tips? any things you might do differently?)

We’re very fortunate that CANES PhD Molly Harris, now of the Instructional Design Collaborative, will be joining us for the discussion.

Hope to see you there – this will be a good chance to address some important topics in teaching and inclusivity, and to kick off the new semester!