Classics 321: The Egyptians: History, Society, and Literature

Jeremy Hutton
Humanities, Intermediate
3 credits

Ancient Egyptian civilization was one of the most powerful and longest lasting civilizations ever to occupy the earth. According to some analyses, part of its durability derived from its openness to influences from other cultures and its malleability in the face of a demographically diverse population. This course will survey the broad contours of ancient Egypt, analyzing its political clout through two millennia of history, its society and economy, its variegated religious systems, and the art and literature it produced. We will focus on the civilization’s vibrant self-awareness as a function of its geographical position at the cross-roads of the ancient world; its architectural, artistic, and literary contributions to world culture; and the civilization’s political and military history, conceived as a series of interrelated interactions, both within Egypt and with the many surrounding populations.