Dr. Fauci Influenced by the Ancients

As many of you may have heard or read, Dr. Anthony Fauci was a student of ancient languages and classical studies. Astute Associate Lecturer and alumna of the department, Dr. Molly Harris, pointed out the recent interview NPR conducted with Fauci, noting several key points he made about the connection between his study of the humanities and its influence on his work in the sciences:

“[Fauci] certainly has said…that the combination of the humanities and science seemed to push him towards being a certain type of physician. Because physicians are people who interpret science and deliver it to people — but they need to do it in a human way.”

“Fauci said, ‘There was this tension—would it be humanities and classics, or would it be science? As I analyzed that, it seemed to me that being a physician was the perfect melding of both of those aspirations.'”

Listen to the full interview on NPR.

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