Nandini Pandey

Credentials: Berkeley, PhD'11

Position title: Associate Professor of Classics


966 Van Hise Hall

Research Interests

Latin poetry; Augustan literature, history and culture; ethnicity, identity, and diversity in antiquity; classical reception from the Middle Ages to modernity

Personal Website

I work on Roman literature, culture, and history, their representation in contemporary media, and their potential to inform and enrich our modern lives. I welcome students interested in any of these subjects and invitations to speak to general or specialist audiences. I’m currently writing a second book on Roman race and diversity, tentatively entitled Empire of Difference: What Rome Can Teach Us about Diversity, thanks to fellowships from the American Council of Learned Societies and UW’s own Institute for Research in the Humanities. My first book, The Poetics of Power in Augustan Rome: Latin Poetic Responses to Early Imperial Iconography (Cambridge 2018), argues that Roman writers and readers played a formative role in shaping the first emperor’s image from below. I publish scholarly articles on a wide range of topics related to Roman literature, culture, and classical reception from the Renaissance through the 21st century, many available on my website. I also write regularly for Eidolon, with a special focus on race and cultural appropriation in my column “Romans Go Home.” I came to Classics as an undergrad via my love of English literature, earning degrees at Swarthmore, Oxford, Cambridge, and Berkeley before arriving at UW-Madison in 2014. I teach Latin courses on Vergil, Ovid, Lucan, and medieval writers, among others; my courses in translation include The Romans (Comm B), Revenge, the Age of Augustus, and Western Civ (Integrated Liberal Studies 203). When I’m not teaching or writing, I’m traveling the globe in search of intellectual and underwater adventure, or home among Madison’s lakes making craft cocktails and watching birds with my cat Lola.