Jennifer Henschel

Credentials: Library Circulation Clerk, Dog Trainer & Behavior Consultant

Henschel headshot

Major & Certificates: Classics and Zoology
Year of Graduation: 2013

I am employed at a local public library, where I enjoy handling circulating materials and interacting with patrons. In addition, I am passionate about animal behavior and work to help people and their pets as a trainer for Wag the Dog and Company, LLC. As part of my preparation for this position, I completed an internship at Wolf Park in early 2015 to gain practical animal-handling experience. As an intern, I had the opportunity to meet the park’s wolves, coyotes, and foxes, to participate in positive reinforcement-based training sessions, and to assist with ongoing behavioral research.

What motivated you to study classics in college?

I knew from the start that I wanted to major in Zoology at UW-Madison. Animals have always been my passion, and biology was my favorite high school subject. However, I’ve also always enjoyed studying languages, and I couldn’t resist the challenge of taking Latin. In my first year of Latin class, I fell in love with the language and was intrigued by the glimpses I was getting of the ancient world. So, I ended up taking Greek as well and chose to dig deeper into the field by completing a Classics major.

How did your major impact what you did after college and are doing now?

Adding Classics to the mix definitely served to broaden my perspective. Often, when I rattle off my double major, people will say something to the effect of “What a strange/interesting/unusual combination!” Even if I never need to call on my ancient language skills in a professional setting, I’m grateful to have been exposed to both sides of the “liberal arts and sciences.” Also, I still have a lot of fun studying on my own and taking the occasional language course through the Paideia Institute online.

What do you remember about your major or classes in classics? What were the highlights?

UW-Madison is a big enough school to be slightly overwhelming. I loved the small size of my language classes. Also, I had great teachers—professors and graduate students alike—who were passionate about their subject. Being an undergraduate in the Classics department was a wonderful experience.