Esther Ramer

Credentials: Graduate Student at UC Berkeley

Ramer headshot

Major & Certificates: Classics, Classical Humanities, Italian, Certificate in European Studies
Year of Graduation: 2014

I’m in my fourth year of the PhD program in Classics at the University of California, Berkeley.


What motivated you to study classics in college?

I was interested in literature and poetry, and I wanted to challenge myself to learn some ancient languages. Classics was a logical pick for me.

How did your major impact what you did after college and are doing now?

Since I’m now a graduate student in Classics, my major directly impacted my choice of graduate study and provided a good foundation for continuing to read Greek and Latin.

What do you remember about your major or classes in classics? What were the highlights?

I remember all my classes fondly. All the professors were incredibly helpful, both in class and in office hours. They also were great about accommodating me as a parent, and I remain indebted to them. Patricia Rosenmeyer and Jeffrey Beneker guided me through the process of applying for graduate school, and their assistance made it possible for me to continue a career in Classics.

Anything else you’d like to add?

I only wish I had been able to take more classes in the department in the years that I was there.