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The language, literature, and culture of ancient Greece, Rome, and the ancient Near East are the primary subjects of study in the Department of Classical and Ancient Near Eastern Studies at Wisconsin. Our department and its affiliated faculty offer language instruction in Greek, Latin, and Biblical Hebrew, as well as courses in literature in translation, civilization and society, art and archaeology, history, philosophy, and political science. Our course offerings include everything from mythology and ancient religions to sex and gender and even monsters.

The department offers broad training through three different majors and a certificate. Our majors in Classics and Latin focus on acquiring the skills to read ancient texts in their original languages. Students who complete these majors have advanced language competency. In conjunction with the School of Education, we also offer a track that leads to certification in teaching Latin at the high school level.

The major in Classical Humanities aims more broadly at the civilization and culture of ancient Greece, Rome, and the ancient Near East. It requires two years of Greek, Latin, or Biblical Hebrew (an intermediate competency) in addition to other courses taught in English.

Students may also earn a Certificate in Classical Studies, which is similar to the major in Classical Humanities, but without the language requirement.

Interested students should contact the Advisor, Toni Landis, to discuss and/or declare a major.

Classics Society

The Classics Society is a registered student organization (RSO) which invites undergraduates to grow together in appreciation of the classical world, and offers a wide range of opportunities for them to share their knowledge with others. We meet up for film-nights, quizzes, trips to galleries, volunteer opportunities, Mediterranean feasts, visiting speakers etc., etc., etc. Whether you're just getting interested in the ancient world, or you're a seasoned expert, all are more than welcome to join.

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