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Classical & Ancient Near Eastern Studies

The Department of Classical and Ancient Near Eastern Studies at the University of Wisconsin in Madison was created as one of the university’s original academic units in 1850, when the Board of Regents established a Professorship of Ancient Languages and Literature. While remaining faithful to the linguistic, historical, and philological foundations of our field, students and faculty also conduct research in such varied areas as Gender Studies, Literary Theory, Translation Studies, and Classical Reception. We are a vibrant and supportive community of professors, graduate students, and undergraduates, committed to the study of the ancient Mediterranean and Near East, and to the training of new generations of teachers and scholars.


February 20, 2018 - 5:30pm

Stay tuned for more details about this lecture with Christopher Hallett, Professor of Roman Art with the Department of History of Art, University of California at Berkeley.

This lecture is sponsored by the Archaeological Institute of America.

May 4, 2018 - 12:00pm to 5:00pm


• Lunch (12-1 pm)

• Panel Discussions (1-3:30 pm)

  • Classical and Near Eastern Studies
  • Classics and Contemporary Media
  • Tuning Classics
  • Classical Archaeology in Wisconsin 

• Public Lecture by Professor Sarah Bond, University of Iowa (4-5 pm)


Read Rome's "Empire Without End" and the "Endless" U.S. War on Terror by Nandini Pandey published by the online journal Eidolon.



Join the Department of Classical and Ancient Near Eastern Studies as we host Classics Day on Friday, May 4 from noon to 5pm. 

This free event will feature panel discussions and a lecture by Sarah Bond.

A full program can be found here.

The Institute for Research in the Humanities has awarded Jeff Beneker a Resident Faculty Fellowship for academic year 2018-2019.  Beneker will be on leave from teaching for one semester while working on his book project, a biography of Pompey the Great.

M.A. Alumna Amanda Morrow has published "I Hate My Spouse: The Performative Act of Divorce in Elephantine Aramaic" in the most recent issue of the Journal of Northwese Semitic Languages.

Read the full article.


Professor Laura K. McClure has been appointed President of the Classcial Association of the Middle West and South. She continues a Wisconsin tradition, following in the footsteps of past presidents Water “Ray” Agard (1944-45) and Paul L. MacKendrick (1969-70).


Author: J.C. McKeown

Here is a whimsical and captivating collection of odd facts, strange beliefs, outlandish opinions, and other highly amusing trivia of the ancient Romans. We tend to think of the Romans as a pragmatic people with a ruthlessly efficient army, an exemplary legal system, and a precise and elegant language. A Cabinet of Roman Curiosities shows that the Romans were equally capable of bizarre superstitions, logic-defying customs, and often hilariously derisive views of their fellow Romans and non-Romans.