Welcome to the Day of the Badger!

Classical and Ancient Near Eastern Studies needs your help to offset the cost of undergraduate and graduate education for students in our programs, and to attract students from historically under-represented groups to our field. On this Day of the Badger we are asking for your support of our undergraduate scholarship fund established in 1998 with a bequest from Myron George Kuhlman in memory of his wife, Ruth Miller Kuhlman. Your gift will help sustain this fund, solely dedicated to undergraduate scholarships, and allow us to continue to support undergraduate research experiences and student travel to classical lands.

Recent recipients of the Kuhlman Undergraduate Scholarship

Tanvi Dhariwal

2018-2019 recipient for archaeology at Agrigento, Sicily

Receiving the Ruth Kuhlman Undergraduate Scholarship allowed me to live my dream. When I reflect on my experience at Agrigento it doesn’t feel real. Not only did the dig allow me to explore an avenue I am deeply passionate about, but I also got to meet people and have experiences I would never have been able to. I was able to travel to a country I had dreamt of visiting my entire life where I walked alone through an ancient sanctuary before opening hours, formed friendships while wandering narrow streets, sipped cappuccinos in the sunshine, and ate unhealthy amounts of gelato every day. While the scholarship allowed me to live the perfect Italian summer, it, more importantly, gave me an educational experience I never would have had. The two weeks of digging in trenches, aiding surveys, washing pottery, and taking inventory allowed me to experience archaeology and the classical world far removed from the confines of a lecture hall. I will be forever grateful for receiving the scholarship.

Amol Goyal

2018-2019 recipient to present scholarship at the University of Tennessee’s Annual Classics Conference

I study mathematics, economics, and classical humanities at UW-Madison and emphasize my historical focus on Augustan Rome. With the goal of nurturing the scholar of classical history within me, I applied for and was selected to present at the University of Tennessee’s Annual Classics Conference in February ’19, the only conference of its kind for undergraduate students. Here, the funding of the scholarship was a key component, and I presented my research on the epigraphy and poetry concerning freedmen in the Augustan Age. This work was well-received by the department in Tennessee as well as in Madison and allowed me to instantly build a wonderful network of undergraduate and graduate students like myself. This enriched my knowledge of the range of academic research that is possible in the field, and inspired me to one day contribute to the advancement of the scholarship dedicated towards this time period and civilization.

Bailey Nandori

2018-2019 recipient for summer study in Classics

I am a junior majoring in Classical Humanities, Philosophy, and English. The Ruth Kuhlman Scholarship gave me the opportunity to take extra courses last summer, allowing me to make necessary progress on my majors. The scholarship is still benefiting me today; because I was able to take summer courses, I have more flexibility with my degree plan. Currently, I am a McNair Scholar with plans to attend graduate school in Ancient Philosophy. I will spend this summer taking courses, preparing for the GRE, and researching beauty in Plato’s Hippias Major.

Yusi Liu

2015-2016 recipient for archaeological fieldwork in Greece

I received my B.A. in Art History with Honors, Classical Humanities, and Classics with emphasis on Latin from the University of Wisconsin-Madison in 2018. I received the Ruth Kuhlman Undergraduate Scholarship in 2016. This scholarship provided me financial assistance to attend an archaeological field school in Greece during the summer. It allowed me to further explore my academic interests and encouraged me to write my senior honor thesis. This support from CANES further inspired me to apply for graduate school. I am now a PhD student in the Department of Classical and Near Eastern Archaeology at Bryn Mawr College. My research interests include archaeological theory, landscape archaeology, and the reception of classical art in contemporary art and politics, especially in East Asia. Currently, I am working on my master’s thesis, entitled Archaeological Sites in Greece as Canvases for Contemporary Artists: A Framework and A Case Study on Delos.

Matthew Stokdyk

2016-2017 recipient for study of Ancient Greek and Latin

I am a writer and editor living in Philadelphia. My study of Classics—enabled partly by receiving the Ruth M. Kuhlman scholarship—has influenced many aspects of my personal and professional life. Studying Greek and Latin has altered how I think about language, literature, and composition; these experiences have given weight and breadth to my ability to read and write, which are essential to both my career and my personal endeavors as a writer. The past serves as rich source material, with its myth, history, and rhetoric, and is useful and applicable in virtually every facet of my life, whether preparing a poem for publication or drafting a speech for my company’s CEO.

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