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Classical & Ancient Near Eastern Studies

The Department of Classical and Ancient Near Eastern Studies at the University of Wisconsin in Madison was created as one of the original academic units on campus in 1850, when the first Board of Regents established a Professorship of Ancient Languages and Literature, and assigned to it the mandate "to develop the philosophy of language and to unfold the history and the theory of a civilization which has passed away, but has left an abiding impression on human society" (M. Curti and V. Carstensen, The University of Wisconsin: A History, Volume 1, Madison, 1949).  

While remaining faithful to the linguistic, historical, and philological core of Classical and Ancient Near Eastern Studies, students and faculty also conduct research in such varied areas as Gender Studies, Literary Theory, Translation Studies, and Classical Reception. We are a vibrant and supportive community of professors and graduate students, committed to the study of the ancient Mediterranean and Near East, and to the training of new generations of teachers and scholars.

The department offers undergraduate majors in Classical Humanities, Classics (Greek and Latin), and Latin, along with a Certificate in Classical Studies. We also cooperate with the School of Education to offer a teacher certification program in Latin.

We offer two graduate program tracks, one in Classics and the other in Hebrew Bible.  We regularly have more than twenty students in residence working toward an M.A. or Ph.D., and alumni of our graduate programs are teaching at schools, colleges, and universities across the country.


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  1. Laura McClure is Editor of New Euripides Text

    Written by Toni Landis on March 08, 2017

    A Companion to Euripides, edited by Laura McClure, is published by Wiley-Blackwell. 

  2. Jason Hansen Accepts Teaching Position

    Written by Toni Landis on March 08, 2017

    Jason will teach history, literature and culture courses at Tempe Preparatory Academy in Tempe, AZ 

  3. Alex Dressler Publishes Translation

    Written by Toni Landis on February 21, 2017

    Find his introduction and translation of the play, "The Trojan Women," by the Roman author Seneca in The Complete Tragedies, Volume 1, published by University of Chicago Press.

  4. Molly Harris Earns Semple to Attend American School of Classical Studies at Athens

    Written by Toni Landis on February 21, 2017

    The Semple, awarded by the Classical Association of the Middle West and South, enables Harris to attend the summer session, an intensive introduction to Greece from antiquity through the modern period.