Graduate Program Alumni

Amanda Gregory, Ph.D. Classics
Latin Teacher, Morristown-Beard School, Morristown NJ
“Crafting Images : Critical and Aesthetic Discourse in Post-Classical Greek Literature”
Professor Patricia Rosenmeyer

Adrienne Hagen, Ph.D. Classics
Visiting Assistant Professor, Washington and Lee University
“Natural Hierarchy in Greco-Roman Thought”
Professor Jeffrey Beneker

Lance Hawley, Ph.D. Hebrew and Semitic Studies
Assistant Professor, Harding School of Theology
“The Use of Metaphor in the Joban Discourse”
Professor Ronald Troxel

William N. Bruce, Ph.D. Classics
Visiting Assistant Professor, Gustavus Adolphus College
“Industry, Community, and the Sacred: Life Outside the City Walls at Sardis”
Professor Nicholas Cahill

Kate C. Rogers, Ph.D. Classics
Research and Development Coordinator, Executive Assistant to the Vice President 
Institute of Reading Development  
“Finding Time to Write: Literary Amicitia and the Economy of Time in Flavian Rome”  
Professor Alexander Dressler

Christopher Jones, Ph.D. Hebrew and Semitic Studies
"Retrofitting Jerusalem: Conceptions of Space, Identity, and Power in Ezra-Nehemiah"

Jason Micheli, Ph.D. Hebrew and Semitic Studies
"The Translation Technique Evident in Peshitta Zechariah"

Lisa M. Feldkamp, Ph.D. Classics
Senior Coordinator, Science Communications, The Nature Conservancy, Washington DC
“Let Sleeping Eros Lie: Erotobucolic Poetry in Hebrew, Greek, and Roman Literature"
Professor Patricia Rosenmeyer

Emmylou Grosser, Ph.D. Hebrew and Semitic Studies
"The Poetic Line as Part and Whole: A Perception-Oriented Approach to Lineation of Poems in the Hebrew Bible"

Kerry A. Lefebvre, Ph.D. Classics
Latin Instructor, Mount Notre Dame High School, Cincinnati OH
“With You in That Dress: Cultus and Elegy in Rome”    
Professor Laura McClure

Colleen M. Rice, Ph.D. Classics
Latin Instructor, Oak Meadow, Brattleboro VT
“Carried away by Bacchus: The Power and Politics of Bacchic Inspiration in the Augustan Poets”
Professor Alex Dressler

Josh Smith, Ph.D. Classics
Assistant Professor of Classics, Johns Hopkins University
“Greek and Roman Scholarly Traditions: Ancient Interpretations of Euripides, Aeschines, Terence, and Vergil”
Professor Jim McKeown

Matthew P. Vieron, Ph.D. Classics
Latin Instructor, The Galloway School, Atlanta GA
“Poetic Voice and Readership in Lucretius’ De Rerum Natura”
Profs. Alex Dressler and Patricia Rosenmeyer

Kevin Chau, Ph.D. Hebrew and Semitic Studies
"A Poetics for Metaphor in Biblical Hebrew Poetry"

Alexander E.W. Hall, Ph.D. Classics
Lecturer, Iowa State University
“To the Beguiling Dance of the Gods: Genre and the Short Homeric Hymns"
Professor Patricia Rosenmeyer

Joy E. Reeber, Ph.D. Classics
Adjunct Instructor, University of Arkansas 
“Married to a Persona: 'Biography’ in Ovid’s Exile Poetry” 
Professor Patricia Rosenmeyer

Eric Tully, Ph.D. Hebrew and Semitic Studies
"The Translation and the Translator of the Peshitta of Hosea"

Eric A. Cox, Ph.D. Classics
Assistant Professor, University of Utah
“Cultural Deception and Narrative Technique in Herodotus' Histories”
Profs. Patricia Rosenmeyer and Jeffrey Beneker

Elizabeth A. Brinnehl, Ph.D. Classics
Latin Teacher
“Medusa’s Blood: Lucan, Libya and the Geography of Anger”
Professor Carole Newlands

Kristen A. Ehrhardt, Ph.D. Classics
Assistant Professor, John Carroll University
“Drinking Alfresco: The Erotics of the Pastoral-Sympotic Mode”
Professor Patricia Rosenmeyer

Kris Lorenzo, Ph.D. Classics
Visiting Assistant Professor, Hollins University 
“Ancient Greek and Roman Navel Victory Monuments”
Professor William Aylward

Charles Yu, Ph.D. Hebrew and Semitic Studies
"To Comfort Job: The Speeches in the Book of Job as Rhetorical Discourse"

Timothy Mackie, Ph.D. Hebrew and Semitic Studies
"Expanding Ezekiel: The Hermeneutics of Scribal Addition in the Ancient Text Witnesses of the Book of Ezekiel"

Kim Nguyen, Ph.D. Hebrew and Semitic Studies
"Lady Zion and the Man: The Use of Personae in the Book of Lamentations"

Richard Benton, Jr. Ph.D. Hebrew and Semitic Studies
"Aspect and the Biblical Hebrew Niphal and Hitpael"

Tate Hemingson, Ph.D. Classics 
Litigator, Strasburger & Price
“Faunus in Horace’s Odes”
Professor Carole Newlands

Matthew F. Amati, Ph.D. Classics
Epic Systems, Madison WI
“Transforming the Polis: Interpretations of Space in Attic Old Comedy”
Professor Laura McClure

Brian V. Lush, Ph.D. Classics
Associate Professor, Macalester College
“Recognition and the Limits to Knowledge in Euripides”
Professor Laura McClure

Kent Reynolds, Ph.D. Hebrew and Semitic Studies
"Psalm 119: Promoting Torah, Portraying an Ideal Student of Torah"

Mike D. Nerdahl, Ph.D. Classics
Lecturer, Bowdoin College
“Homeric Models in Plutarch’s Lives”
Professor Silvia Montiglio

Vasiliki Kostopolous, Ph.D. Classics
Lecturer, University of Iowa 
“Polyphemus and Galatea: Variations on a Theme”
Professor Patricia Rosenmeyer

Michael Lyons, Ph.D. Hebrew and Semitic Studies
"From Law to Prophecy: Ezekiel's Use of the Holiness Code"

Sun Myung Lyu, Ph.D. Hebrew and Semitic Studies
"Righteousness in the Book of Proverbs"

Stephen S. McRoberts, Ph.D. Classics
Associate Professor, Patrick Henry College
“Lucan’s war on Caesar”
Professor Carole Newlands

William Tooman, Ph.D. Hebrew and Semitic Studies
"'I Spoke in Former Days...': Inner-Biblical Allusion in the Gog Oracles"

Bryce A. Carpenter, Ph.D. Classics
Instructor, Montana State University
“Personal and Political Humor in Propertius”
Professor Jim McKeown

Michael Heiser, Ph.D. Hebrew and Semitic Studies
"The Divine Council in Late Canonical and Non-Canonical Second Temple Jewish Literature"

David C Hillman, Ph.D. Classics
Independent Writer
“Representations of Pharmacy in Roman Literature from Cato to Ovid”
Professor Patricia Rosenmeyer

Daniel Kroeze, Ph.D. Hebrew and Semitic Studies
"A Semantic Study of the Lexical Field of 'Fear' Terms in Biblical Hebrew"

Rachel M. McMullin, Ph.D. Classics
Librarian, West Chester University
“The Deinomenids: Tyranny and Patronage at Syracuse”
Professor Patricia Rosenmeyer

Mary R. McHugh, Ph.D. Classics
Associate Professor, Gustavus Adolphus College
“Manipulating Memory: Remembering and Defaming Julio-Claudian Women”
Professor Carole Newlands

Alexandra Pappas, Ph.D. Classics
Assistant Professor, San Francisco State Univ.
“Greek Writing in its Aesthetic Context: Archaic and Hellenistic Arts and Letters”
Professor Barry Powell

John A. Cook, Ph.D. Hebrew and Semitic Studies
"The Biblical Hebrew Verbal System: A Grammaticalization Approach"

Laura A. De Lozier, Ph.D. Classics
Senior Lecturer, Univ. of Wyoming
“An investigation of ancient testimonia about visual representations of Mark Antony”
Professor Jim McKeown

Robert Holmstedt, Ph.D. Hebrew and Semitic Studies
"The Relative Clause in Biblical Hebrew: A Linguistic Analysis"

Angela L. Pitts, Ph.D. Classics
Associate Professor, Mary Washington College
“Prostitute, muse, lover: The biographical tradition of Sappho in Greek and Roman literature” 
Professor Patricia Rosenmeyer

Matthew S. Semanoff, Ph.D. Classics
Associate Professor, University of Montana
“Pedagogical poetry: Teachers and students in didactic verse”
Professor Patricia Rosenmeyer

Holly M. Sypniewski, Ph.D. Classics
Associate Professor, Millsaps College
“Becoming Vergil: Poetic persona and generic play in the Ps.-Vergilian Culex”
Profs. Patricia Rosenmeyer and Jim McKeown

Brian Ashland, Ph.D. Hebrew and Semitic Studies
Instructor, Madison College
"An Examination of the Rules for Babylonian Poetic Accentuation"

Changhak Hyun, Ph.D. Hebrew and Semitic Studies
"A Study of the Translation Technique of Peshitta Proverbs"

Daryl Jefferies, Ph.D. Hebrew and Semitic Studies
"Wisdom at Qumran: A Form-Critical Analysis of the Admonitions in 4QInstruction"

Jennifer A. Rea, Ph.D. Classics
Associate Professor, Univ. of Florida
 “The locus of political power: Sacred and social places on the Palatine” 
Professor Jim McKeown

Daniel E. Mortensen, Ph.D. Classics
Lecturer, Edgewood College
“Wine, drunkenness, and the rhetoric of crisis in ancient Rome”
Professor Jim McKeown