Dissertations in Progress

Catherine Bonesho
"Foreign Holidays and Festivals as Representative of Identity in Rabbinic Literature"
Professor Jordan Rosenblum

Elizabeth Currier
"Poverty and Poor People in Israelite Wisdom Literature"
Professor Ronald Troxel

Mary Clare Dolinar
“Between Gods and Mortals: Divinity, Mortality, and Religious Ritual in Euripides”
Professor Laura McClure

Stephen Geiger
“The Conquered Conquers: The Art of Exile in Josephus”
Professor Jeffrey Beneker

Nathaniel E. Greene
"The Warlord and the Scribe: The Nascent Israelite State Beneath Its Textual Veneers"
Professor Jeremy Hutton

Molly Harris
"Leaving War Behind: War, Return, and Survival in Greek Tragedy"
Professor Laura McClure

Rachel Hart
“Identity and Truth in Greek Ethnographic Texts”
Professor Jeffrey Beneker

Marie La Fond
“οὕτω τοι τόδε σῆμα πιφαύσκομαι: Significant Objects in the Odyssey”
Professor Patricia Rosenmeyer

Kevin J. Mattison
"Amending the Covenant: How and Why the Authors of Deuteronomy Responded to Textual Sources"
Professor Jeremy Hutton

Jonathon E. Wylie
"The Philistines and the Formation of Israelite Identity"
Professor Jeremy Hutton