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Our Faculty Led Programs

Athens, Greece: UW Classics in Greece 

Spend 3 weeks this summer with Professor Marc Kleijwegt learning about ancient Greek civilization and culture. The program includes one 3-credit course, Classics 371, which combines lecture, discussion, and field trips to encourage students to make connections between classroom content and the many historical landmarks being studied.


Thessaloniki, visit Byzantine and Ottoman monuments, Ano Polis, and many museums

Pella, historical capital of the ancient Greek kingdom of Macedonia and birthplace of Alexander the Great

Naoussa, location of the School of Aristotelis

Amphipolis, location of the Archaeological Museum, tomb of Hephaestion, and the ancient bridge

Kavala, location of the archaeological site of Philippi

Dion, features the archaeological park and Museum of Dion

Argolis, the seat of power during the Mycenaean empire ruling from 1600 to 100 BC, visit remains of tombs, citadels and ancient theatres

Museum of Nauplion, features excavated items from the Argolis area including objects from the Franchthi cave, several Bronze Age settlements, and later Archaic, Classical and Hellenistic items.

So Much More!

Mycenae Museum, Ancient Messene, Acropolis Museum, Agora, Kerameikos, National Archaeological Museum of Athens

Rome, Italy: UW Classics in Italy - Summer 2018, tentative