Molly Harris Leads Book Club Featuring Sophocles' Ajax

Join in the Wisconsin Veterans Museum's "Warrior Book Club" this spring as it features All That You’ve Seen Here is God, by Bryan Doerries, a modern translation of Sophocles' Ajax. The Club, sponsored in part by the Humanities Exchange program at the Center for the Humanities, is led by PhD student, Molly Harris.  

The Warrior Book Club aims to enrich participants’ perspectives toward both the ancient and modern worlds and connect people who might otherwise not be in conversation.  The goal is to foster a robust dialogue surrounding the challenges veterans face when they return from war and to do so in a way that is relevant to participants' own lives.

The book club consists of veterans, service providers, and other members of the public who meet monthly to discuss both Classical and contemporary literature centered on distinct themes related to war. Discussions center around everything from episodes of the ancient and semi-mythical Trojan War to accounts of contemporary wars in Vietnam, Iraq, and Afghanistan, exploring a wealth of ideas within these narratives: god(s) and fate; loyalty and relationships between comrades; and the value—or lack thereof—placed on honor, justice, and heroism. 

Harris says, "I come to the discussion with some guiding questions and any contextual information that might be important for discussion, but generally the conversation is very free-flowing and driven by all participants. We'll talk about our general impressions of that week's book and then delve into discussing the book in detail, e.g., trying to understand the conflicts the characters faced, sharing what passages we found particularly meaningful and why, debating whether the book proved satisfying or what more we want from it, and discovering how the book might be significant for our own lives."

To find out more about additional titles featured, meeting dates, and getting registered, visit the Warrior Book Club website.